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Our Living Tree

A simple tree that continues to tell our family story. Fresh roses still to come.

My Christmas tree came up early this year, just like last year.  In the past, I would do it on the 24th, but last year the boys asked if we could trim the tree earlier since they always leave to be with their dad on the 25th, and return to me with only a few days of Christmas left. This is the second year we’ve done it this way and it somehow feels right. I like to be true to the festivals but one must also consider practical circumstances and see what will work in the family. As long as we’re not opening presents before the 24th, I’m okay with it.

I used to put their presents under the tree also on the 24th, but this year, they’re already there. No names, though. I coded them. Tee hee. Stars for one boy, balls for the other. They’re still guessing.

There are some new things on our tree this year. It is a living tree after all, that documents something of our lives through the years.

His 2011 photo ornament.

And his. Wow. How he's grown.

A lovely handmade ornament from Tita Jenny for Santiago.

And another one for Andres. I love them.

This one is from last year's "I Can Serve" foundation. They make really nice ornaments.

A crocheted ball made by my not-so-little one. LOVE!!

And so our family tree continues. What story is yours telling this year?





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