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I’ve never really written about Bach Flowers though I use them pretty regularly. Rescue Remedy is a staple in my home for trauma and anxiety. It certainly came in handy when my youngest fell off a tree. He was clearly saved by his angels, but we were all pretty shaken, so both of us were on it!

When the children are ill, I add them to our basket of medicines. It helps temper the anxiety and worry.  I don’t always remember just how useful this little remedy is when the children are sick, but when I do I am so grateful. It helps me take a breath and not be so wound up, especially when I am up all night caring for them. It helps them through the difficult patches of their illness as well.

Recently, my little one had a fever; he told me he was getting “sick dreams”.  I knew exactly what he was talking about as I used to have them when I was little. These “dreams” happen even when one is awake–regular objects take on a different shape, sounds change. It can be very frightening and isolating. I remembered Rock Rose, the flower essence that addresses fear and nightmares and quickly put two drops in a small glass of water.  He was so grateful. They worked like a charm.

It’s good to have flower essences on hand to help us through life’s twists and turns.


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  1. Maika / Mar 30 2010 12:06 pm

    Hi! Where can i get this? Is it available in Manila? Thanks! 🙂

    • panjeetapales / Mar 31 2010 7:14 am

      Hi. Yes, Healthy Options has Rescue Remedy, but I’m not sure they have the kids version already. However, you can also use the adult version on the kids, just dilute in water. I don’t know if Rock Rose is available here, but if I’m not mistaken it’s a component of Rescue Remedy already. Flower remedies are readily available online. Thanks for dropping by.

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