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Be On Time

I was upset again today.  Fifteen minutes after dismissal time, I sent a text message to our driver, to check on my son.  He said he hadn’t been dismissed.  I asked him to please check inside. At 4pm, they were just saying their end-of-day verse. My son was supposed to have been dismissed at 3:45–a time that was supposed to already have delays factored in.

I’ve written about this before: time isn’t just a random hour we can choose to ignore. It is an agreement. People who are always late show disrespect. I live so far out of the city but I manage to make my appointments on time, because I respect agreements and I respect people.  If you are a hands on mom who runs your own household and takes care of your kids, you know that time is your best friend. Getting meals on the table on time, having everyone bathed and ready and in a good mood, getting the homework done with enough time to play or read–these don’t just happen miraculously.  Things go smoothly in a household when time is respected.

This is something I want my children to learn, especially in this country where time is always so grossly disrespected.  If we can learn this, we become ever more upright.


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  1. freeyourchildblog / Aug 9 2016 9:37 am

    I have shared your blog on my blog. I love your content!

    • panjeetapales / Aug 10 2016 7:10 pm

      Thank you very much, Laura!

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