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A Useful Media Guide

If your children are of school age, like mine are (12 and 9) and you have been unsuccessful, like me, at keeping media at bay, then this is the site for you. I have been so frustrated learning from them that they had watched, sometimes in 3D even, films that I didn’t think were appropriate for their age.  A particularly infuriating experience was when a teacher actually recommended a film that was not appropriate for my son’s age.  That set me on a rollercoaster ride of questions that I’m still battling with today. My heart breaks at the thought that they are absorbing content they have no way of processing because they simply are not developmentally ready.

Well, the angels must have heard my plea as I stumbled upon a site which is aptly called commonsensemedia. I feel it can be every parent AND teacher’s (or anyone who works with children, for that matter) guide to what is appropriate for their children at every age. You can search for movie or TV titles, games, and other media platforms, and they show you what age it’s for. They also rate the content by category: sex, violence, language, etc. This feels like a godsend to me and I hope that other parents use this, too, before they needlessly expose their children to stuff they are not ready for and shouldn’t be seeing.

I hope this helps you as you navigate the slippery slope of media and entertainment on behalf of your children. Blessings.

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