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A Book We Love

Everyone knows I’m a big fan of lovely children’s books, this is why I sell Floris, Bell Pond and other Waldorf-related children’s books.  But what I love more is finding treasures in our local bookstores (fine, the books are still mostly imported, but at least they’re easily found for more kids to enjoy). This book is one such find.

I love it because it tells of a time of snail mail–a time I really sorely miss. I still remember the first time my son opened a birthday card his cousin sent from the U.K., how in awe he was of how far it had travelled, and how many hands it went through to get to him.

I was happy to hear that some children in our school are sending each other things via mail–drawings, perhaps little notes or treasures they find in the course of their day.  I think this type of mail has so much more soul and warmth than today’s email and our children will surely benefit from it.

Anyway, if you see this book soon, buy it. I still enjoy reading it.

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