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Today I went to the Acacia Waldorf School to listen to my son narrate a Michaelmas story.  It was his teacher’s idea to have their class carry the Michaelmas Festival this year. And what a feat it was. The class decided they were going to do puppetry as they had just finished writing and starring in their own Greek play. The mothers jumped in to help.

Then Ondoy came and our world changed. Everything we knew flew out the window, or was carried away with the devastation and grief that continue to surround us. Classes were suspended.  Everyone pitched in to help, however we could. Michaelmas was celebrated differently — the basketball court turned into a disaster relief center and children and adults helped to get the job done. It was the only thing that made sense.

This week is the first “normal” and today the 6th graders did their bit. It was a wonderful show. I sat beside my son and listened to him narrate the story about King Roderick’s battle with the humble king. My son sounded calm and sure of himself. Everyone did their share. The younger children watched and appreciated everything, clapping and cheering along with the puppets. At the very end, they whipped out their recorders and sang together as only children can.

There is nothing like it. Whenever I am surrounded by little children singing, I am lifted up and away. I looked around today and knew that despite what our country is going through, there are patches of heaven everywhere. I breathed out a prayer of gratitude for the angels that surround us daily.  Heaven can be a place on earth.

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  1. Tes Sobeng / Oct 17 2009 10:40 am

    Amen! ANGELa…

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