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May 15, 2008 / panjeetapales


WOW! Thanks to all of you for dropping by, reading, and even posting a comment. I’ve been asked to do this by lots of moms over the years and have only now gathered the courage and well, the WILL.  My boys are also on vacation with their dad so it’s a good time to get organized so as not to go crazy missing them. 

If you have related initiatives–toys, services, etc–please write in and I’ll be sure to post your details here. I’m still trying to work on ads but it doesn’t seem as simple to do that  here as it is to do it on Blogger so, abangan.  If you need a service or have a question or are looking for something specific, drop a line as well and I will see how I can post answers (if I have them) or connect you with the people you need to meet.

Thanks everyone! 


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