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June 3, 2008 / panjeetapales

Mae Paner’s “Lupang Hinirang”

I’ve been very busy with PAGASA work lately, hence the absence of fresh entries. This video will give you an idea of why this work is so important to me, as a Waldorf mom.  I feel like mothers have to engage in the larger society, for our journey through Waldorf/Steiner education to be truly relevant.  Mae Paner is a PAGASA graduate who realized she could no longer use her talents as a commercial director to put out messages from politicans that do not serve the country (her ads were responsible for putting two Senators in the Senate!). She immediately channeled her gifts towards what truly resonated with her. You cannot imagine the response this video has inspired nationwide. So, here it is.  It’s just an example of what a PAGASA workshop can awaken in you.  Mae is now part of our core group and is busy as ever, this time doing stuff that really ripples out into the world! WOW.

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