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August 6, 2009 / panjeetapales

Want to help?

Yesterday was surreal. Those of us who were safe, dry and in homes — ours or someone else’s–felt mostly impotent: what could we do for friends who were texting from their rooftops? We did what we could with the technology available to us, knowing it couldn’t be enough. Today we begin the task of rebuilding, restoring and healing. Want to help? Click here for some guidelines.

Those in the South can send relief goods via Operation Rainbow, starting tomorrow, Monday, September 28. Please contact Zac Faelnar- Camara at 4687991.

For Filipinos in the U.S., you can help through NAFCON’s “typhoon Ondoy”- BAYANIHAN disaster relief and rehabilitation program. Call the center at 718-5658862 or Anne Beryl at 516-9011642 in the East Coast and Ryan at 626-5344971 in the West Coast. Or email

Let’s use our blogs, Facebook, Plurk, Twitter, etc., to keep each other posted and to keep the thread of support strong and stable.

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